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People who are a part of your best memories are important. And so are the ones who immortalize them. From Street photography to Wedding cinematography, and all that lies in between, we do it all. We preserve your dearest moments in a language understood all around the globe.

Where words fail, we enter. Our work aims to share stories we see through our lens, keeping the emotions totally unadulterated while leaving a door open to interpretations. Our firm belief in art motivates us to transform the way the world looks at Films and Photography.

For those who have been curious about what deep fried potatoes have to do with our work, let’s tell you. We Love Food and a bunch of French Fries are the closest metaphor to who we are as a team – shapes and sizes could differ but not the absolute satisfaction we deliver. Our work is that packet of neat slices of fries that you can never have enough of.

Kickstarting our journey in 2009, we have endeavored to deliver captivating, little stories through our videos that make you replay back to those emotions, time and again. Well, mesmerizing videos are just one part of it.

Documenting Stories
With Style And Grace

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Portrait of Manja Makers


Love Notes


Together For Life

Services We Offer

The reason you would need us is akin to the relevance of ketchup with French Fries
– absolutely essential for a complete, gratifying experience.

Services by the French Fries Entertainment team do not end up with weddings, live events and corporate videos. We have a lot more on our services’ menu, all of which is quantified, quality work.

Filming Services

We handle all genres of cinematography and serve with the highest quality and aesthetic standards.

For us, all tasks are equally important and are driven with the same dedication and passion. Whatever your expectations might be, we always strive to exceed them.
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Video/Photo Walks

Traveling back in time is practically impossible. To re-live the past, however, is not. Thanks to cameras – our modern day time machines!

We make the most out of these time machines capturing photo and video walks. Each second of that frozen frame, when revisited, drowns you into nostalgia bringing the past back to life.

Private Coaching

Passing on our knowledge and experience in cinematography, its techniques, equipments and their use, and essentials of storytelling is something we feel obliged to.

From large venue talks to those addressed to compact audiences, our private coaching initiative is a little contribution to this industry’s evolution.


As consultants, we assist you with all kinds of cinematography services – from being your script doctors, guiding you to right locations, planning shoots to helping you gain filming permission. Further, we guide in production setup and post-production processes, like distribution.
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Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

March 9, 2016

Play Bold India

December 4, 2015 in Corporate, Videography

H&M India Launch

Ever wondered how it feels to be at the launch event of a renowned multinational clothing brand? No? I will tell you how it does. Swedish Multinational Hennes & Mauritz…

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August 7, 2015 in Photography

On The Go

Travelling is an aesthetic man’s game, or so would we say. It was probably quoted by someone who witnessed travelling as the essence of human existence, a source of beliefs,…

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March 5, 2015 in Photography

Food Porn

French Fries Entertainment, with food in our very name, it would be a shame if we didn’t let the world know about our love for food. And what else can…

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January 31, 2015 in Lyrical, Videography

Portrait of Manja Makers (Info)

If you haven’t read the main post under portfolio, click here. This blog is only about the gear and technical stuff. Portrait of Manja Makers About The Gear: I used a rented Sony…

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